Monday, June 15, 2009

I don't think I caught any good pictures from yesterday's party, but it was one of those parties where I was so amused by my kids that I didn't exactly stop them from doing anything they were doing.I should be running right now, not sitting here typing on my blog. At least I've been working this afternoon, responding to request. I actually admitted to a host family that I asked my husband for information about La JOL-la and he laughed at me and said, "you mean 'La HOY-ya?' I thought that was really funny. My host family did not, I guess. Oh well. I've been known to do that to a lot of names in Southern California and since I'm from North Carolina and Sean is from Palm Springs, he gets quite a kick out of it.I digress. Quickly.So I have not been blogging at all. I check everyone in awhile to see if anyone comments and I think about blogging, I just don't have time. I don't know why. I've been busy doing nothing or reading or researching or whatever. I've been contemplating law school and feeling overwhelmed and talking to a lot of people. I've also been busy throwing parties for people. I set up a friend of mine who's been single for a long time who is a fantastic guy. I threw a birthday party for one of my bestest ever friends as a cover party to introduce two people and it turned out that the birthday girl had the perfect platform to introduce the new love of her life to her entire family. It was a huge event and it turned out gloriously for everyone.I have to admit I continue to struggle with the reality of whether or not prayer is powerful and not just a manipulation, advertisement, opportunity to gossip, or self promotion. I've struggled with this for a long time - maybe since the 90's. The internet is a new venue, but it's not a new issue for me.This weekend as my husband and I stood in the driveway and watched our last guests pull away, I had this rare sense of purpose in those thousands of minute by minute choices you make to do the right thing, to be faithful or obedient in the little things, to be out of your mind for the sake of Christ. I could see all of those decisions colliding into a perfectly weaved tapestry of a bigger perfect story that was so beautifully put together that I could have never done it myself. At the time, those decisions seem so insignificant or small, but they are so powerful and purposeful. It was one of those moments that made all the hardships of life seem worth it to be who are, where we are - to be available to the people in our lives. It made me incredibly grateful.Over the past few months, I've become more actively involved in obedience to what God is calling me to beyond my office space. I recently had a yard sale to intentionally draw out other moms in the area, collected phone numbers, and set up play dates. I started and Tuesday Morning Activity Group in our area with 15 other moms that starts tomorrow. I hosted this party this weekend to set up my friend that went off amazingly well. It's hard to find time to blog in the midst of all of this, but I see God at work and that has been motivating to me and moving. We've given away very good stuff we're not currently using, cleaned out our garage and our closets, made time to attend more parties we wouldn't usually have gone to, spent more time outside, and made new friends.We've also had 26 straight days with no rain. Maybe when it starts raining I'll be back to blogging more.


Anonymous,  June 16, 2009 at 4:48 PM  

It sounds like you have been extremely busy! I only blog when I feel like it. I mainly set it us as a way of journaling. Making friends along the way has been a big plus. If I don't have time or nothing blog worthy has happened then I don't worry about it. I don't want to look at it as a chore. Glad that you guys are getting some relief from the rain. I think it decided to come our way... :o)

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