Saturday, May 2, 2009

Greek Honey Yogurt

I don't like not knowing things. From an intellectual standpoint I have insatiable curiosity. There's a part of me that would rather learn new things than capitalize on the things I already know and refine them. Unfortunately, this leads to being a jack of all trades and master of none. The list of things I'd like to learn more about are endless - German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Latin, Classical Piano, Photography, Chemistry, Diffy Q, Biology, and O Chem. Then I will be happy.

This evening I was at the library checking out books for all of us while Sean rallied the kids to the car. There was some young teenage girl that kept commenting on how many books I had...and she wouldn't stop. I had 32 books, thank you. From parenting to cooking and chemistry to Latin American history, I'm covered for three weeks. For Riley, we picked up new chapter books because my 4 year old is just like me. It's hard to remember he's 4.

Oh, and speaking of - those parenting books were for him because he's digressed emotionally which his preschool teacher thinks is an indication of his immaturity. I, having lived with him, see at as a manipulative strike against us for putting too much pressure on him at home. The gifted books say it's like having a little lawyer. Oh, is that so? I thought it was payback for my own obnoxious childhood.

Thank God for Reagan our animated nearly two year old who prefers to scream and hit and picks out dresses and matching shoes and won't go outside without head adornment of some type whether it be hats or bows. Tonight we fed her Tamarindo Candies from Mexico and she tried it, made the strangest face and chomped down on the chili powder filled candy. Then she gave it back and asked for more by signing and also shouting, "Moh Pease!" I swear southern accents are inherited. She also has a two fists in the air cheer and then holds her hand out and motions "give me more!"It's no wonder Riley's on strike. He feels out done by her now that she's talking and he has to share air space. And she's a cute girl.

I love Greek Yogurt. If you've ever tried it, you'd know the difference. I don't like yogurt unless the fruit is at the bottom and I can leave the fruit. I don't like plain yogurt because it's - well - plain. I hate mixed yogurts, they're too sweet. I recently discovered Trader Joe's has Greek Yogurt and it's the best. It's like Germany's yogurt. Trader Joe's makes me happy and while I was there I picked up a Cab Merlot blend to cap off the evening of listening to Reagan and Riley cheer for chili powder candy and argue philisophically with each other since Riley will argue with anyone strapped in next to him in the jogger stroller regardless of whether or not they can argue back. All this means is that he's training the little one to be just like him.


Anonymous,  May 3, 2009 at 7:45 PM  

I love the library and don't know what I would do without it. 32 books....that's a lot to some but I LOVE to read.

I have never heard of Greek yogurt!

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